Our participant, Michel Aharonian, from France shares his grandfather’s stories that left us all in tears. French Armenians have joined The Mitani Project! When will you? The connections we’ve shared with our participants throughout the project will forever stay with us. When two Armenians from two different parts of the world meet, they still share a connection so deep that it is unexplainable.


One of our participant’s response to “strength.”


Watch Alex Garibyan’s response to “Artsakh.” The occurrences of the past few days have left us all speechless. It’s truly heartbreaking. Our heart is with Artsakh and all our soldiers

Joseph Krikorian – Axpers U Es

After his interview for The MitAni Project, Joseph Krikorian sang Axpers U Es for us.

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As Armenian filmmakers, We have always wanted to make something for our people that not only represents us, but also lives on forever. This project is the perfect opportunity to disregard the incorrect misconceptions about us and open a door of great understanding for what we do and why we do it, as Armenians. It gives us the opportunity to give back to our Armenian community and raise awareness for everyone else. The title “Mitani” came from a conversation I’ve had with a very knowledgeable historian, Tavros Sargsyan. I love learning about our rich history from him and when he mentioned that the first ever name for Armenia was Mitani, I knew that The Mitani Project was the perfect name for what I’m trying to accomplish. I wanted to go back to the very roots of our existence as an ethnicity and try to bring out people’s genuine love for their culture and heritage through this project. The approach we’re taking is nontraditional because instead of purely interview questions, we are going to be conducting word association first. Word association consists of hearing a word and responding with the first word, feeling, or thought that comes to mind. The reason I wanted to go with this approach was to get raw responses from people. We are an ethnicity who has overcome the tragedies of yesterday in order to build the future of tomorrow. We have so many talented individuals who are involved in numerous industries and that’s what the project is concentrated on. By being Armenian we have a unique drive for excellence and it’s about time we show the world. Welcome to The Mitani Project!


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